Customized Solutions

With over 10 years of experience in strategy testing Prospero has built a variety of investment models 

that provide measure of trend and also address important financial market relationships and their impact on portfolio returns. Examples include:

Large vs. Small Stocks 

U.S. vs. International 

Stocks vs Bond

High Yield vs. Investment Grade

REITS vs. S&P 500

​Gold vs. U.S. Dollar

Our extensive library of portfolio model templates allows Prospero to efficiently deliver investment solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your investment management style which enables seamless integration into your current practice.  

  Prospero ETF Portfolios

Prospero offers a variety of technically based quantitative investment solutions. Backed up by years of data testing and real time model performance Prospero's systematic strategies can help you allocate portfolios with more precision. 

Examples include:

U.S. Style & Market Cap 

U.S. Sector

Tactical Income

International Equity

Alternative Asset

Our systematic strategies are designed to provide you with a disciplined approach that continously upgrades each portfolio and directs you to systematically move out of

lagging securities in favor of market leaders.

Your clients demand personalized services to help them meet their

financial goals. How about you?

No one wants to waste time or money.Why go it alone or continue to hire expensive 3rd party managers?