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        ​         Prospero Market Analytics

Historical studies, years of testing and real time model signals 

provide you with the probability of market market opportunity and risk. Breadth indicators measure important changes in market liquidity, energy and leadership. Trend provides probability of market direction, momentum measures acceleration/deceleration and provides a leading indication of a change in trend. Become more confident about your investment decisions and more certain about your client portfolios with Prospero Market Analytics        


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more profits through more probabilities 

       ​                   ETF Intelligence

Through rigorous testing ETF Intelligence has developed mathematical models that are relevant, timely, and practical ….. designed to save time, money and improve your asset asset allocation decisions.  MACD ratios standardize trend and momentum. Momentum of Relative Strength (MoRS) identifies relative strength leaders that are beginning to lag and laggards that are beginning to lead. Market Cap, Style, and Sector, dynamically allocate your portfolios with more precision               with ETF Intelligence